Monday, May 30, 2011

postheadericon SUMMER RENTALS!!!!

This article will provide you with a few hitters and pitchers that
pick up their games when they are able to pack away the long sleeves
for goods.  These guys are not world beaters by any means but they are
all players who typically struggle in the early part of the season
that have a trade value currently well below where it will be as the
season drags on.  This is just a sampling of players that pick it up
when the calendar hits June 1.  Kick the tires on trades/waivers for
these guys and see what happens.

Dan Uggla - With career splits of 258/.343/.478, Uggla is a
notoriously slow starter. He has never been known for his batting
prowess in general but as the warm weather nears, Uggla picks up his
game.  His career June splits are .261/.342/.514 - up from a dismal
.238/.311/.440 in April.  He has been beyond awful this year and while
May is typically his best month, Uggs’ value CANNOT get any lower.
Buy super low with a pitcher who has been tossing well but might not K
a lot of guys…Humber, Collmenter, Jurrjens all come to mind. A good
manager won’t do that trade (maybe Jurrjens if he hates Uggla) but if
you have a manager that loves Yahoo! rankings over potential, you’re

Yovani Gallardo – Career ERA/WHIP/BAA of 3.75/1.33/.242 – Gallardo has
been much better in his last 4 starts, striking out 29 in the last 27
innings and lowering his ERA nearly 2 points.  If you haven’t been
along for the ride, go get him now while his numbers look ugly on
their face.  Gallardo’s June career numbers are 2.32/1.12 with a .190
BAA against.

Ted Lilly – Lilly has been as reliable as they come for the last few
years.  His career numbers are that of a reliable starter capable of
flashes of brilliance and poor outings, but more than likely he will
give you a steady diet of quality starts throughout the year.  He has
strung together 2 good performances in a row.  June has been Ted’s
best month throughout his career.  He sports a career ERA/WHIP/BAA of
4.19/1.27/.245 and in June his numbers are 3.78/1.25/.235.  You might
look at those numbers and realize they aren’t going to be the key to
your path to a fantasy championship.  However, consider Lilly’s 2010
June (2.57/0.95/.204), 2009 (3.12/1.19/.263 – OK, he got lucky here),
2008 (3.02/1.15/.201).  In a what have you done for me lately
atmosphere like baseball, Lilly has been markedly better in June.  He
shouldn’t cost much.

Gavin Floyd - If you’ve ever owned Floyd in April and May in his
career, chances are you’ve dropped him. He’s a terrible early season
pitcher. Its inexplicable really because he’s got the pitching
repertoire that warranted him once as an untouchable prospect with the
Phillies.  Anyway, Floyd’s career ERA/WHIP/BAA in April/May is
5.43/1.43/.263.  His June numbers are 2.95/1.11/2.21 and he doesn’t
fade off terribly in July.  See what you can do, as he has been pretty
decent already this year.

Alexei Ramirez – I hate the White Sox with a passion, mostly because
of their GM/Manager combo’s inferiority complex, but I digress.  As
much as it pains me to throw 2 of their players on here (and almost a
3rd, John Danks), Alexei is another guy who is a pain to own in the
early months and then picks it up just when you are ready to drop him
(though, similar to Floyd, he turned in a good May).  Career .305
hitter in June and .331 in July, up from his .227 April and .287 May
numbers.  He doesn’t walk a ton but he’s got pop in his bat and he’ll
score some runs if the Sox offense puts it together more consistently.

Delmon Young – Another guy I can’t stand even drafting because I know
he’ll drive me nuts until June.  Career April numbers --
.244/.286/.340. Career May Number -- .311/.323/.376.  In June, Delmon
hits .311/.323/.447.  He OPS’s over .900 in July so he only gets
better with the weather.  Delmon will rake this summer and it never
hurts to plug a guy into your UTIL spot that goes 2/5 every couple
days to anchor your lineup and you never have to worry about him.

Carlos Pena – Carlos has been coming along lately in Chicago.  The
wind at Wrigley could be his best friend this summer.  Carlos’ best
months are actually August and September but he sets his year in
motion in June.  His April OPS is .742 and May’s is .767.  In June,
Carlos’ OPS is .924, mostly because his batting average heats up.
Pick him up or buy very low.  (Added bonus, Carlos’ career OPS is the
remaining months is over .800).

~~ Hoffs


Steve said...

I have Uggla and Delmon, so I'm ready for them both to heat up! Nice write-up!