Wednesday, May 18, 2011

postheadericon WEEKEND NEWS!!!!!!!!


This will be the last blog post for the week, the next post will be on Monday morning.  I will be attending the Cubs/Red Sox game in Boston and will be heading out tomorrow morning.  I will continue to try to answer as many twitter comments as possible, please dont be offended if one of your questions does not get answered.

New Segment

I would like to add a new weekly column called "The Mailbag". I know, how clever of me!  What I would like is for you guys to start emailing me random fantasy questions, whether it be about fantasy players or strategies.  I will most likely not be able to answer all your questions, but will do my best to answer over half of them.  Once again, please do not be offended if your question is not answered, simply try again next week. 

I think the Mailbag will be very helpful for a lot of my followers, and can always go back and reference the mailbag questions.

Please start emailing questions today and everyday to

Player Analysis

Eventually I will be adding in depth player analysis on players whose stats might not be as obvious to some.  I am not sure as to when this will start, it could be middle of the season, it could be the end of it.  The blog is a little over a month old and still getting its stuff together.


As most of you saw last Friday, I started a new buy/sell column that will become a weekly staple as well every Thursday or Friday.  I will give you the players you should buy and players you should sell with a small explanation as to why you should sell or buy.