Thursday, April 28, 2011

postheadericon THURSDAY'S ROUNDUP

Brett Wallace - Yet another 3 hit game, as he hits .367 on the year.  I've gotten questions from a lot of you asking me if this is for real.  I will answer that with yes and no.  The AVG will drop but I do believe this guy is for real. I'm expect a power increase soon, as he does have some power. Recommend picking him up right away

Kyle Lohse - 7 IP, 4 hits, 2 K's and the win. Another great start, if you are really weak on pitching pick him up, but be aware he could blow up at any time.

Lance Berkman - 2-4 and he hits .385 on the year. Yes, hes playing above his head and yes, this wont continue.

Josh Tomlin - 6 IP, 5 hits, 3 K's and the win.  Tomlin is pitching a bit over his head right now, but he should have fantasy relevance all year. I'd continue to throw him out there every start until he proves otherwise. Tomlin has never been a huge strike out guy in the minors and I dont expect him to be in the majors either. 570.2 IP with 495 K's career in the minors.

Shin-Soo Choo - 2-2 with a walk and a stolen base. I have fielded a lot of questions about Choo with his slow start.  Dont worry about Choo, and if any league owner is fed up with him, you should be full go to trade for him.  Choo will be a top 15 OF by the end of the year.

Justin Smoak - 2-4 HR with a career high 5 RBI yesterday. Yes, I think Justin Smoak is starting to live up to potential. If hes available in any leagues, its time to pick him up.

Travis Snider - 1-4 as he hits .181 on the year. As an owner who drafted him in all leagues I am quite frustrated. I am now an owner who has dropped him in all leagues.

Wade Davis- 6.2 IP 2 ER 5 K with a win and sits at 3-2 on the year with a 2.73 ERA.  Davis has been exceptional thus far. Davis is not a 2.73 ERA pitcher but its not crazy to think hes a sub 4 ERA pitcher. Davis is nothing more than an SP 3.

Chad Billingsley - 6 IP 4 ER 3 K's and did not pitch well.  C-Bills hasnt pitched all that well this season thus far, dont expect that to continue. Some owners could be drawing frustrated with his up and down ways. I think hes a great buy low if an owner is trying to sell him.

Tommy Hanson - 7 IP 4 hits 0 R 10 K's and the win, as he was dominant yet again. Hanson now has 14 innings of 1 run ball. Need I say more?

Mat Latos - 5 IP 7hits, 6 runs 1 ER 5 K's in yet another mediocre start from Latos.  Latos was overpitched last year and is paying for it this year.  Latos will not sniff his stats from last year, I recommend staying away and not buying low unless theyre practically giving him away.

James McDonald - 6 IP, 4 hits, 0 R, and striking out 3 with a much needed win.  This was McDonalds first quality start of the season.  I am high on this guy and still am, but hes not worth owning right now.